Monday, September 25, 2006

It's my first day

It's my first day of the practical training at the (wurm+wurm) office.Before I came inside the office I had this kind of fear that it gone just after I went inside because every one were so nice and kind to me ,I love it,This place are very beautiful and wonderful.........So I started work with a 3d model by the (Auto cad)to some factory, they wanna upgread it and add a new parts close to the old one,And I got my new plans to the next week too,I will tell you next time . and if you wanna take a look of this office,go to this web site

I don't know maybe today is my lucky day because right now it's still rainning out there from the morning and I got a nice place not in the forest but in some small city called B├╝hlertal, and my new department is near to the bus stop so I can take the bus from there and arrives to the office after about 20 min. It has one nice and big bad-room, a kitchen,a bath-room,and living-room with internet DSL line,but I don't have a computer her, so maybe I will buy one,because it was so easy to buy a camera and MP3 player from the Internet .It cost me 750 euro per two months

and about the first place that in the black forest I will take it in the last month ,like a vacation because it's so so beautiful,big and you can come here you Mrs.teri & Mrs.alea to take a rest here from the work,and I also can cook to you .........................Aimen .

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khadijateri said...

Mrs Alea said "If you can cook I'm on my way!" me too Aiman. I am sick of cooking for sure!

How's Ramadan going for you? All's well here - it's hot and we're hungry!

See you soon!