Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I am back

Last night it was the Halloween night.....As you know that in this night every one will drink alot that's way the next day it will off ;and I'm not gonna tell you what I'd done in this night.

So to day I made my decision to do some kind of sport (joging) ,after this I went back home and I started cleaning the house
You can see some pix of my big department with this link


And if there is any one would like to come ,It will be O.K because I got an extra bedroom,you can see that just open this link

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

BÜHL in action

Yesterday morning I decided to go out for shopping "clothes"of-course....I went to Bühl city,It's a small city but they have a very nice shops there.

When I just arrived there,I listened to jaz music,It was coming from some where in the street.......Immediately with-out thinking I changed my plans to be searching for this beautiful sounds.I make it...I found out what was happening in this quiet small city.

It was a (Swinging City-BÜHL in action).There was 8 bands playing jaz in a different zones ........
Here it is ...Some pix and videos of 2 bands.

About the videos you can see it from my upload esnips,

But then I return to my first plan and I bought just a jeans ,becouse the shops have to close early in the saturdays and in the sundays it will never open, So I decided to make some sport just to stay in shap.
I waked ...Actually it was sort of joging between s and Bühl city
So take a look

Monday, October 02, 2006

The national day

tomorrow will be a national day on Germany,but I will be at the office,they didn't ask me to come ,It's me the one who want to be there,so I aksed Mrs.wurm And he said "O.K ,You can come at 10 am". by the way I will be alone at the office because he said that he will go out wiht his dog.ha

I like it here, every thing seems to be perfect ,The weather is so beautiful that you can not stay at home for a minute,it was raining heavily to day And I wish if it stay like this until the snow season will come,they said that on this season the sunsets at the 4 pm...and in the summer the sun stay rises to 10 pm.

So...I think it will be very nice specially that the halloween will be at this month.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Don't turn the lights off

Woooooooooooooooooooooo.....Last night it was my first night to be alone ................

I couldn't sleep,so first I closed the kitchen door then I locked the bath room door and opened the whole lights in the house ,but I couldn't get to sleep ...Ha,So I closed the last one (The bad room door).And It didn't work ,I was so so sceared so I couldn't make it gose in the normal way......But in this morning .........I don't know,It looks like that I got a very powerful energy.So today Mr.wurm was so happy and satisfied wiht my rendering work.........

I hope tonight , I can sleep well just for a few hours ... Good night every one....


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Don't try to give me one euro

I have been here in germany from six days ago and I spend about 1200 euro of buying things ,So you will never ever think about giveing me even one cent,because it will be gone at the moment, faster than a wink.

So I hope I can keep some mony until I got my payment from the office..............Wish me luck,because right now I am searching on the internet to buy a new guitar and a new computer because I didn't bring mine from libya..........

And by the way I will mov to my new place soon and it's not in Bühlertal but it's in Steinbach city ,It's verey lovely small one,But the Bühlertal city is more beautiful than Steinbach ,because it's in the mountens at the black forest.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's my first day

It's my first day of the practical training at the (wurm+wurm) office.Before I came inside the office I had this kind of fear that it gone just after I went inside because every one were so nice and kind to me ,I love it,This place are very beautiful and wonderful.........So I started work with a 3d model by the (Auto cad)to some factory, they wanna upgread it and add a new parts close to the old one,And I got my new plans to the next week too,I will tell you next time . and if you wanna take a look of this office,go to this web site

I don't know maybe today is my lucky day because right now it's still rainning out there from the morning and I got a nice place not in the forest but in some small city called Bühlertal, and my new department is near to the bus stop so I can take the bus from there and arrives to the office after about 20 min. It has one nice and big bad-room, a kitchen,a bath-room,and living-room with internet DSL line,but I don't have a computer her, so maybe I will buy one,because it was so easy to buy a camera and MP3 player from the Internet .It cost me 750 euro per two months

and about the first place that in the black forest I will take it in the last month ,like a vacation because it's so so beautiful,big and you can come here you Mrs.teri & Mrs.alea to take a rest here from the work,and I also can cook to you .........................Aimen .

Sunday, September 24, 2006

think before you might say (I'm unlucky)

If some thing bad happened to you do not be angry about it but you have to look on the bright side on it because maybe this bad will be turn to one of your best thing happen in your life.

It started from tow days before I make my trip to Germany;I couldn't sleep a moment.So when I just arrived to Milano-Italy at 10 am I realized that I miss my next flight ,It was in 9:55 am from there to (Shtutgard-Germany).so it was a nightmare to me because I'm so tired,so hungry and so so angry because I forgot a lot of things in Libya like my camera and my MP3 player .haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

But evry thing changed when I just standed at the (waiting list) line with those people whom miss them flights too.I met one of the most kind people at this world (Mr. & Mrs.Crifasi).

Mrs.Sally started to talk with me.she is verey friendly,energetic and honest person ,I injoyed wiht talking with here .So...let me tell about her .......She is a mother to five sons and a grandmother to a lot of kids,I don't how many they are but i Think thay are 20,And the oldest one are 22 years old.Mrs.sally is an artistic person she did a verey nice painting (she showed me two of her painting pictures).By the way she told me that she stared learning painting 3 years ago.(I think that she will be a verey famous artist soon)

so I wish you luck Mrs.sally and you Mr.Francis,And I wish I can see you pretty soon,Becaus I miss you right now and I hoped that the four hour that day stay forever.