Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

BÜHL in action

Yesterday morning I decided to go out for shopping "clothes"of-course....I went to Bühl city,It's a small city but they have a very nice shops there.

When I just arrived there,I listened to jaz music,It was coming from some where in the street.......Immediately with-out thinking I changed my plans to be searching for this beautiful sounds.I make it...I found out what was happening in this quiet small city.

It was a (Swinging City-BÜHL in action).There was 8 bands playing jaz in a different zones ........
Here it is ...Some pix and videos of 2 bands.

About the videos you can see it from my upload esnips,

But then I return to my first plan and I bought just a jeans ,becouse the shops have to close early in the saturdays and in the sundays it will never open, So I decided to make some sport just to stay in shap.
I waked ...Actually it was sort of joging between s and Bühl city
So take a look

Monday, October 02, 2006

The national day

tomorrow will be a national day on Germany,but I will be at the office,they didn't ask me to come ,It's me the one who want to be there,so I aksed Mrs.wurm And he said "O.K ,You can come at 10 am". by the way I will be alone at the office because he said that he will go out wiht his dog.ha

I like it here, every thing seems to be perfect ,The weather is so beautiful that you can not stay at home for a minute,it was raining heavily to day And I wish if it stay like this until the snow season will come,they said that on this season the sunsets at the 4 pm...and in the summer the sun stay rises to 10 pm.

So...I think it will be very nice specially that the halloween will be at this month.